Thai Culture

Thailand is a very proud country that loves its monarchy dearly.

A more nationalistic nation of people wouldbuddha be hard to find. It is also a country that is steeped in culture and religion.  Being culturally aware within Thai schools will usually be noticed ahead of your actual teaching skills. This may sound strange but if you are able to conduct yourself in a culturally sensitive manner by respecting Thai culture as well as making the effort to understand and connect with your students, you’re on your way to success both socially and professionally.

With over a decade of experience teaching, recruiting and training foreign teachers in Thailand we have a precise understanding of the expectations of Thai schools and Thai people. If a Thai school is complaining or is unhappy with their foreign teacher this usually stems from the foreigner not fully understanding or failing to respect and embrace Thai culture. The TEACHbeach TEFL Cultural Training Course will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of Thai culture.  We will demonstrate how something seemingly insignificant in western society can very quickly lead to the foreign teacher being ignored and made to feel very uncomfortable.

Simply stopping a closing door with your foot or ruffling the hair of a particularly good student could cause offence. The good news is this isn’t difficult, you just need to know!  On the flip side, getting it right will result in you being fully accepted as part of the family by your colleagues and students alike. Being offered food and snacks on a daily basis, treated to dinner or invited away for a weekend break. All because you took the trouble to understand and respect Thai culture. We are here to ensure that you fit right in. We will help you to get your adventure started the right way. The TEACHbeach TEFL team is here to help you get it right the first time.

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The King of Thailand 

With the very recent and sad news of the King’s passing the country will be in mourning for a period of 1 year. It is now necessary and expected for all teachers to wear black or white clothing to school. Most schools are asking teachers to wear black every day so please be aware and prepared to follow suit. Clothes are not expensive in Thailand so it is possible for you to buy appropriate clothing after you have arrived. During the training course the dress code is smart casual and doesn’t have to be black or white but we will hand our black ribbons which can be pinned and worn on your shirt or t-shirt whilst at the training academy. However black clothes will have to be worn during the teaching practices. Your understanding and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.