Prachuap Khiri Khan – Thailand’s best kept secret.

The TEACHbeach TEFL training course is  located in the beautiful beach town of Prachuap Khiri Khan in southern Thailand. This laid back, friendly beach town not yet spoiled by the developers is a real treat. We believe it to be one of Thailand’s best kept secrets. The town is situated in the center of the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan half way to Bangkok from Suratthani in the south. Prachuap’s famous for having 3 bays surrounding this quiet beach town. The first is known as Ao Manao which means Lemon Beach and is located within the Royal Thai Air-force base, this is the tourist beach where you can rent deck chairs for 10 Baht a day and be served delicious fresh sea food. You can also ride quad bikes, shoot some arrows, ride a horse or visit the farm. The second bay is Ao Prachuap,this is the town beach which is lined with an array of restaurants, bars and hotels. The third Bay is call Ao Noi which is a much quieter more secluded spot where the squid boats go to shelter from a storm. There is a cool beach bar there with live music every night until the early hours.

DSC_0017The training will take place in our new training academy which is located within a modern, private technology college. This state of the art campus has comfortable air-conditioned training rooms, an on site canteen and convenience store. Free WIFI is available to all visitors.

A more relaxed and tranquil learning environment is hard to find. Forget the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, no need to dodge the deck chairs of Phuket, just finish each day with a dip in the sea. Anyone who comes to Prachuap doesn’t want to leave!


beachThe lively towns of Hua Hin and Cha-am are easily accessible by train or by bus only one and a half hours away. The people of Prachuap are friendly and welcoming to visitors and you will absolutely love the beaches. The coastline stretches for miles with much to explore.  We have no doubt you will want to stay in this beautiful little paradise which also has many hidden treasures. The view in the picture on the right is a local mountain that can be climbed at specific times in the month. It is a great work out and the views are spectacular!



monkeyPrachuap Khiri Khan has so much to offer. There is so much to see and explore. You can climb, swim, ride, kite surf or just relax on one of the many beautiful beaches. Much of the land is owned by the Thai Air-Force so the developers are unable to destroy this amazing little town by building huge condominiums or hotels. Prachuap will have an everlasting impression on you, it is an amazing place and a wonderful location in which to do your TEFL teacher training. The little monkeys on the left are not in a cage, they are wandering around the Air-force base. They are friendly and always hungry!



On your first evening in Prachuap we will all get together for a welcome party at a local bar and restaurant called The Jam Jungle. This is a really cool spot right on the river which leads out in to sea. Great food, cold beer and stunning views as the sun goes down. The owner a local Thai Rastafarian named ball will welcome you all to Prachuap with his lovely food and drink, great music collection and a fire show to end the evening. You will love it.


The 3 bays of Prachuap Khiri Khan   3bays-blogspot-com