Essential Info – FAQ


Q: Do I need a degree to work as a teacher in Thailand?

A: This is a much debated question and a common FAQ. We do not condone or advise people to do anything against the laws of Thailand however it is in fact possible to be employed without having completed university. This is something we can discuss with people individually as there are certain criteria that need to be met in order that this is done in a lawful manner. The Thai ministry of education require foreign nationals to have tertiary education to BA level in order to qualify for a teaching license and work permit. If you are not comfortable with this don’t worry because we can place you in a school in Cambodia. They do not require a BA.

Q: Will I get a job when I finish the TEACHbeach TEFL training course?

A: Yes you will. On successful completion of your course we will be able to offer you direct employment with one of our existing customers which are a network of government and private Thai schools. If you complete the program successfully and do not want to work in any of the locations we operate in, then we will work with you to find and secure a position for you in a location in which you will be happy.

Q: Your advert says that I will get my course fees back. How is this possible?

A: On completion of your training you will be ready to start work. You will have the opportunity to work within one of our schools or in one of the many schools that we know are looking for foreign teachers. With TEACHbeach TEFL there is no internship linked to a reduced salary which is quite common when completing some programs. When you finish our training course you can start work immediately earning anything from 30 – 50,000 Thai Baht per month. Your course fees will be recouped in a maximum of 2 months depending on how hard you are working and how much you are earning. Earning the minimum you have covered your course fees in 6 weeks.

Q: How can I be sure that TEACHbeach TEFL will help me to secure a job as a teacher?

A: This is a good question. We can assure you that having completed your training you will be extremely knowledgeable and highly employable. You will receive your TEFL certificate and you can use our company as a reference at any point in your career. We have been in the business for 10 years, hiring teachers based on their tertiary education and their personality. We have recognized the need for affordable high quality and practical training and we can assure you that by choosing TEACHbeach TEFL you will never regret it!

Q: The website talks about a teaching kit. What resources will I get at the end of the training?

A: You will receive everything you need to walk in to a classroom and start teaching. The teaching kit will be supplied on a memory stick so all you will have to do is to printout the things that you need prior to class. Included will be course outlines, lesson plan templates, flashcards, PowerPoint presentations, songs, videos, games, text books and work sheets.

Q: You mentioned that I will learn to speak Thai. Do I need to speak Thai to teach English?

A: Excellent question. This is the question that all new teachers ask. Other than worrying about English grammar the ability to speak the local language is always a concern for trainees. Don’t worry; you do not need to speak Thai in the classroom. In fact one of our philosophies is to create an entirely English learning environment. You will be learning survival Thai to help you settle in to the local community; you will learn all the basics that you need to survive in Thailand such as how to order food, numbers, asking for directions etc. Learning the basics of the language will also help you to get in to the mindset of the students you are teaching. Learning Thai will give you a thorough and true understanding of how important context is and how important it is to choose your words very carefully when speaking to absolute beginners. You will learn very quickly that saying something louder doesn’t help people to understand! The TEACHbeach TEFL survival Thai course will make your new students think you can speak Thai, this will give you a real advantage and stop them gossiping about you in the classroom!