TEACHbeach TEFL Accreditation

The TEACHbeach TEFL course is recognised both in Thailand and the internationally. Our program is recognised and licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education, and is also recognised internationally. The certificate you receive and the training provided will ensure you are highly marketable. We will also be happy to act as your referee should any school wish to verify your credentials.


Company Vision and Values


We will strive to be a trusted and recognised brand in Thailand and throughout Asia.

Our business will be viewed as a place to come and learn to teach English in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

We will always try and improve our service and training to build our brand status.


Our customers are King

Our team must work with integrity, discipline, diligence and accountability.

Our vision will be achieved by our trainers, teachers and staff being their best every day.

We will work hard to offer our customers the best training and customer service available.

We will generate customer loyalty through being the best.

We will continually strive to improve our teacher training program and develop a solid reputation as a business who offers the best training available.

Our training division will identify and develop our future teachers who will embrace our values and help our growth.

This will be achieved through excellence in the classroom and through outstanding customer service.

We plan to enter new markets in order to expand and improve profitability.

We will work closely as a team, constantly sharing and developing ideas to help us move forward and achieve our vision.